South Central Wisconsin attractions

Top Choice Market in Madison

Dane County Farmers Market

On Saturdays, a food bazaar takes over Capitol Sq. It's one of the nation's most expansive markets, famed for its artisanal cheeses and breads. Craft vendors and street musicians add to the festivities. In winter th…
Architecture in South Central Wisconsin


Taliesin was the home of Frank Lloyd Wright for most of his life and is the site of his architectural school. It's now a major pilgrimage destination for fans. The house was built in 1903, the Hillside Home School i…
Sculpture in South Central Wisconsin

Dr Evermor's Sculpture Park

The doc welds old pipes, carburetors and other salvaged metal into a hallucinatory world of futuristic birds, dragons and other bizarre structures. The crowning glory is the giant, egg-domed Forevertron, once cited …
Museum in South Central Wisconsin

House on the Rock

One of Wisconsin's busiest attractions. Alex Jordan built the structure atop a rock column in 1959 (some say as an 'up yours' to neighbor Frank Lloyd Wright). He then stuffed the house to mind-blowing proportions wi…
Architecture in Madison

Monona Terrace

Frank Lloyd Wright designed this cool, white semicircular structure in 1938, though it wasn't completed until 1997. The one-hour tours ($5) explain why; they're offered daily at 1pm May through October (Friday throu…
Museum in Madison

Chazen Museum of Art

The university's art museum is huge and fabulous, and way beyond the norm for a campus collection. The 3rd floor holds most of the genre-spanning trove: everything from the Old Dutch Masters to Qing Dynasty porcelai…
Area in South Central Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells

The Dells is a megacenter of kitschy diversions, including more than 20 water parks, water-skiing thrill shows and epic mini-golf courses. It's a jolting contrast to the natural appeal of the area, with its scenic l…
Museum in South Central Wisconsin

National Mustard Museum

Born of one man's ridiculously intense passion, the building houses 5200 mustards and kooky condiment memorabilia. Tongue-in-cheek humor abounds, especially if CMO (chief mustard officer) Barry Levenson is there to …
Museum in Madison

Museum of Contemporary Art

It's worth popping into the angular glass building to see what's showing. Frank Stella prints? Claes Oldenburg etchings? Cindy Sherman photos? Exhibits change every three months or so. It doesn't take long to look t…
Notable Building in Madison

State Capitol

The X-shaped capitol is the largest outside Washington, DC, and marks the heart of downtown. Tours are available on the hour most days, or you can go up to the observation deck on your own for a view (summer only).