Top Choice Area in Nisqually Entrance


Aside from hiding numerous trailheads and being the starting point for most summit hikes, Paradise guards the iconic Paradise Inn (built in 1916) and the massive, informative Henry M Jackson Visitor Center, which ho…
Cave in Mt St Helens

Ape Cave

Ape Cave is a 2-mile-long lava tube formed 2000 years ago by a lava flow that followed a deep watercourse. It's the longest lava tube in the western hemisphere. Hikers can walk and scramble on either the 0.8-mile Lo…
National Park in Mt Rainier National Park Area

Mt Rainier National Park

The USA's fourth-highest peak (outside Alaska), majestic Mt Rainier is also one of the country's most beguiling mountains. Part of a 368-sq-mile national park (the US' fifth national park when it was inaugurated in …
Viewpoint in Mt St Helens

Spirit Lake & Windy Ridge Viewpoint

The most remote entrance to Mt St Helens is the eastside entrance, which is worth journeying to for the Windy Ridge viewpoint. From here you'll get a slightly chilling visual of how destructive the blast was in 1980…
Observatory in Mt St Helens

Johnston Ridge Observatory

Situated at the end of Hwy 504 and looking directly into the mouth of the Mt St Helens crater, the observatory has exhibits that depict the geologic events surrounding the 1980 blast and how they advanced the scienc…
Museum in Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens Silver Lake Visitor Center

Situated 5 miles east of Castle Rock, this center is the best introduction to Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument. There's a classic film and various exhibits including a mock-up of the volcano where you can duc…
Cave in Mt Rainier National Park Area

Boulder Cave

Boulder Cave, on the Chinook Scenic Byway, is a rarity in the relatively cave-free terrain of the Pacific Northwest and doubly unique due to its formation through a combination of volcanic and erosive processes.
Historic Building in Nisqually Entrance

Longmire Information Center & Museum

The National Park Inn – built in classic 'parkitecture' style – has stood here since 1917. It's complemented by a small store, park offices, the tiny, free Longmire Museum and a number of important trailheads. James…
Museum in Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens Forest Learning Center

Situated at Mile 33 on Hwy 504, the learning center is basically a showcase for the lumber industry, though it does run another interesting film about the eruption. There are restrooms and a gift shop on-site.
Lake in Mt St Helens

Coldwater Lake

Coldwater Lake, 43 miles east of Castle Rock, was created in 1980 when water backed up behind a dam caused by debris was brought down by the eruption. The recreation area here (restrooms, phone, boat launch) is the …