Bus in Sitka

Community Ride

Sitka’s public bus system has expanded significantly in recent years and now offers hourly service from downtown to as far south as Whale Park and as far north as the ferry terminal.
Bus in Sitka

Sitka Tours

Sitka Tours runs a bus into town from the ferry terminal (one-way/round trip $8/12) and the airport (one-way/round trip $6/10).
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Sitka Airport

Sitka Airport is on Japonski Island
Car Rental in Sitka

Northstar Rent-A-Car

Northstar Rental has compacts from $55 per day.
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Alaska Marine Highway

Alaska Marine Highway ferries stop almost daily at the terminal, which is 7 miles north of town.
Airport in Sitka

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has flights to/from Juneau (45 minutes) and Ketchikan (one hour). Its airport is on Japonski Island, 1.8 miles west, or a 20-minute walk, of downtown. The Bus' green line runs to the island but stops…
Airport in Sitka

Harris Aircraft Services

Floatplane air-taxi service to small communities, USFS cabins as well as larger SE towns such as Juneau.
Water Taxi in Sitka

Esther G Sea Taxi

For service to USFS cabins.
Bicycle Rental in Sitka

Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop

Across the street from Sitka's library; rents quality mountain bikes.