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Sitka Airport On Japonski Island, 1.5 miles, or a 20-minute walk, west of downtown. The Ride Sitka green line bus runs to the island but stops short of the airport.

Alaska Airlines Flights to/from Juneau (45 minutes) and Ketchikan (one hour).

Harris Aircraft Services Floatplane air-taxi service to small communities and USFS cabins as well as larger Southeast towns such as Juneau.



The Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal is 7 miles northwest of town; ferries depart in both directions twice a week to Juneau ($65, nine hours), and once a week to Petersburg ($70, 11 hours)

The once-a-week MV Fairweather ferry cuts travel time to Juneau to 4½ hours.

Cruise Ship

  • Large cruise ships dock at Halibut Point Marine, 6 miles north of town. Special cruise-company buses run passengers into town.
  • Smaller ships dock offshore in Sitka Sound and take passengers into Crescent Harbor in water taxis.