Seligman restaurants

Burgers in Seligman

Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In

The Snow Cap is a Route 66 institution. The crazy decor is only the beginning. Wait until you see the menu featuring cheeseburgers with ‘dead chicken.’ And beware the fake mustard bottle! It's sometimes open at 9am …
Cafe in Seligman

Westside Lilo's Cafe

Come here for superfriendly service and good American grub, plus German options that reflect Lilo's heritage. And you'll be in trouble the minute you spy the world of pie in the dessert case.
American in Seligman

Roadkill Café & OK Saloon

The Roadkill has an all-you-can-eat salad bar, subtle vintage decor and, among the juicy steaks and burgers, tongue-in-cheek menu items such as 'fender tenders' and 'highway hash.' If you're hungry, try the 'splatte…