Top things to do

Beach in Seldovia

Outside Beach

This beach is an excellent place for wildlife sightings and a little beachcombing. To reach it, follow Anderson Way out of town for a mile, then head left at the first fork to reach the picnic area at Outside Beach …
Museum in Seldovia

Seldovia Village Tribe Visitor Center

This visitors center and museum showcases Seldovia’s Alaska Native heritage – a unique blend of Alutiiq (Eskimo) and Tanaina (Indian) cultures. The small, tidy museum covers the history of Alaska Natives in the area…
Church in Seldovia

St Nicholas Orthodox Church

Seldovia’s most popular attraction is this onion-domed church, which overlooks the town from a hill just off Main St. Built in 1891 and restored in the 1970s, the church is open only during services and by appointme…
Pub Food in Seldovia

Linwood Bar & Grill

The only real bar in town has an awesome deck overlooking the harbor. The food is simple and well prepared, though a bit overpriced. The bar stays open well after the kitchen closes.
Waterfront in Seldovia

Historic Boardwalk

Two hundred feet south of the boat harbor is Seldovia's historic boardwalk. Overlooking the slough, this atmospheric collection of shops, inns and flowers is worth a quick stroll.
Cafe in Seldovia

Tide Pool Cafe

In a sunny space overlooking the harbor and with colorful artwork on the walls, this eclectic eatery has chowder, sandwiches and other rainy-day treats.