Top Choice Mexican in Sedona

Elote Cafe

Come here for some of the best, most authentic Mexican food in the region. Elote Cafe serves unusual and traditional dishes you won't find elsewhere, like the namesake elote (fire-roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime …
Italian in Sedona

Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante

Though this lovely Italian place fits perfectly into the groove and color scheme of Sedona, at the same time it feels like the kind of place you'd find in a small Italian seaside town. It's a bustling, welcoming spo…
Latin American in Sedona


Stunning mountain views and divine (if steeply priced) Latin-inspired food from the grill are the hallmarks of this upmarket eatery from local celebrity chef Lisa Dahl. You don't need to drop $125 on the prime rib e…
Deli in Sedona

Sedona Memories

This tiny local spot assembles gigantic sandwiches on slabs of homemade bread. A great choice for a picnic, as they pack 'em tight to-go, so there's less mess. You can also nosh on their quiet porch. If you call in …
International in Sedona

Rene at Tlaquepaque

Specializing in French cuisine with Southwestern touches, Rene does meat best (lamb is a specialty), but even lunches go well beyond the ­sandwich/burger/salad routine with such selections as scallops with cilantro …
Italian in Sedona

Hideaway House

The best reason for coming to the Hideaway is to dine on the deck at sunset, when gorgeous red-rock views serve as the appetizer. As the name suggests, this hidden-away, casual spot is easy to miss, although easy to…
Health Food in Sedona

Local Juicery

This contemporary fast-food spot in West Sedona offers salads, smoothies and tantalizing veggie and fruit cold-pressed juices to cure what ails you. Try the Super Human (with blueberries, bee pollen and almond butte…
American in Sedona

Mesa Grill

Yes, it's a bit odd to choose to eat at an airport, on a patio next to airplanes, but 'airport' is a misnomer – it's really more of a landing strip for scenic flights. Mesa does interesting Southwestern fare, such a…
Breakfast in Sedona

Coffee Pot Restaurant

A go-to breakfast and lunch joint since the 1950s, the Pot is nothing fancy but gets the refueling job done, with massive plates of reasonably priced fare and a huge selection. There are a bewildering 101 types of o…
Cafe in Sedona

Java Love

The best coffee shop in town, this local hangout has an earthy, eclectic feel, with ready-made breakfast burritos, baked French toast oatmeal, sandwiches and wraps, and made-to-order items as well.