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Sedona has very deep roots into Native American cultures that have lived within the beautiful Red Rocks formations over the past 1,000s of years. The Medicine Wheel Ceremony is a wonderful interconnection of traditions and experiences with the past and future of your journey. Processes, ceremony, smudging, insights, teachings, & a lot more can be included. There is "Teachings of the Wheel" to let you know the purpose and ways the wheel is used for.  A ceremony includes a "Journey through the Wheel" with some processes and traditions. You will be taken through the steps of new beginnings, clearing illusions, redirecting fears, & standing in your truth.  This tour is personalized & customized to provide a deep life transformation.  This wheel is located within the center of all the energies of Sedona. Meet at a central location or at your Sedona lodging & journey to the Medicine Wheel.
Meet your guide in West Sedona at a Lakota Medicine Wheel. Your 2-hour Medicine Wheel Ceremony will include setting intentions, blessings, smudging, calling in guidance, teaching of the stones, various processes, releasing of the old and seeing the new ways. Rattles, drum, water, and blessings will be included. Follow the ways of the ancient ones and be open to shifting.  Dress for the weather and wear a hat. Led by a Cherokee grandmother your ceremony will be very personalized to your intentions and for the Gratitude for Life's Gifts and Journey. Find your birth animal totem and exchange with the stones of the wheel. Each stone is connected to an animal, plant, mineral, intention, and purpose. You will learn about the Medicine Wheel and Create a life-changing experience.     You will utilize a local Lakota Medicine Wheel to set new intentions, blessings and prayers, calling in the guardians, processes, and ceremonies to create miracles and life-changing opportunities. You will be led through the teachings of the stones, journey through the “Sacred Hoop of Life,” and find interconnections of your life. The Medicine Wheel is a Native American Symbol of the “Sacred Hoop of Life”.  The "Medicine" is the vital power or force that is inherent in nature itself, and to the personal power within oneself. The Wheel is used as a guide to help you find your way and ground you when you embark on inner journeys. You can use it to understand ourselves as well as life itself. It can be used to find direction in life and for aligning physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities. You can use it to attune yourself to earth influences and forces and to the natural energies that affect your life.It is a circle which represents natural and personal powers in complete balance, and which shows that everything is interconnected and part of one cosmic whole. It is the circle of awareness of the individual self, and a circle of knowledge that gives you power over your life. The directions can be charted on a circular map, the Medicine Wheel, which can enable you to come into alignment with these spiritual powers and absorb something from them. Each direction on the Wheel constitutes a path of self-realization and self-initiation into the mysteries of life which can lead you to the very core of your being where you can make contact with your own High Self (your Spiritual Self or True Self). As you connect the directions together, there will be a variety of processes done. Each path can help you to acquire the knowledge to work changes that will put meaning and purpose into your life, bringing enlightenment and fulfillment. Walking within the wheel is going within ourselves to gather gifts and strengths.No words can really describe the experience.    OPTIONAL -  Add extra Time to go out into the Vortex energies of Sedona   Add 1 to 2 hours with the Medicine Wheel  / See difference times and pricing.  

What’s included

  • Experienced Professional guide
  • Grandmother Toltec Wisdom
  • Lakota Medicine Wheel
  • Birth Animal Totems
  • Directions, Cycles, and Processes
  • Sage and herbs
  • Drums and Rattles
  • Entry/Admission - Red Rock State Park

What’s not included

  • Gratuities


  • Excellent value for money
  • Multiple times offered throughout the day
  • Step back in time on a history tour
  • All necessary equipment included
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors