Tour description provided by Viator

A trip to Arizona is not complete without a jeep tour through the

spectacular red rocks that Sedona is famous for. Enjoy a ride along an

old stagecoach route for panoramic vistas and picture-perfect views.

Follow this rough and rugged early stagecoach route, which was the only road between Sedona and Flagstaff until 1914! As you rise in elevation you will see some wondrous sites such as Snoopy Rock, Teapot formation and Damnfino Canyon. You will wind your way towards the top of the Mogollon Rim as your breath is taken away by the view of Oak Creek Canyon. On the way back to town you will be wowed by Carousel Rock and the picturesque view of the Valley below.On the longer, 2 hour tour, a 4x4 excursion along the scenic volcanic rim trail is included.Please Note: upper portions of this trail may be closed in winter.