Top Choice Music in Ballard & Discovery Park

Bop Street Records

Probably the most impressive collection of vinyl you're ever likely to see lines the heavily stacked shelves of Bop Street Records. The collection of half a million records covers every genre – they even have old-sc…
Toys in Ballard & Discovery Park

Card Kingdom

Attracting poker players, Dungeons & Dragons geeks, kids, board-game enthusiasts and tourists on the rebound from Vegas, Card Kingdom is the games emporium you've been dreaming about. There are plenty of organiz…
Music in Ballard & Discovery Park

Sonic Boom Records

Sonic Boom has a slightly less encyclopedic record collection than Bop Street Records across the street, but it sells concert tickets for local venues and hosts its own live music most weeks.
Market in Ballard & Discovery Park

Ballard Farmers Market

Seattle's most popular Sunday market is a genuine produce-only farmers market that sets up in Ballard Ave NW.
Art in Ballard & Discovery Park

Monster Art & Clothing

Local art and clothing shop that sometimes combines both in inspired screen-printed T-shirts.
Food in Ballard & Discovery Park

Wild Salmon Seafood Market

At Wild Salmon Seafood Market – in the Fishermen’s Terminal on the south side of the Ballard Bridge, which is technically Magnolia, but still – you can buy fresh salmon and shellfish directly from the fishermen who …
Clothing in Ballard & Discovery Park

Buffalo Exchange

Founded over 40 years ago, the Buffalo Exchange is actually a national chain with nearly 50 US stores specializing in the hipper end of the used clothes market.
Books in Ballard & Discovery Park

Secret Garden Bookshop

The children’s collection at this bookstore, especially the fiction, is excellent, and the staff will order you anything they don’t have.
Adult in Ballard & Discovery Park

Wild at Heart

This women-owned shop sells sex toys, fetish-wear, clubwear, lingerie and DVDs. Heavy drapes on the windows keep out prying eyes.