Capitol Hill & First Hill shopping

Top Choice Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Elliott Bay Book Company

Seattle's most beloved bookstore offers over 150,000 titles in a large, airy, wood-beamed space with cozy nooks that can inspire hours of serendipitous browsing. Bibliophiles will be further satisfied with regular b…
Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Ada's Technical Books & Cafe

Bookstores dead? Not if Ada’s is anything to go by. Indeed this place – a hugely inviting bookshop-cafe combo that opened in 2013 – might just prove that online book sales have peaked and the joy of browsing and lin…
Food & Drinks in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Chophouse Row

Hidden among the historical and modern architecture of Capitol Hill, Chophouse Row feels like a locals-only secret. This new-in-2016 establishment features independent shops like Niche Outside, a charming garden sho…
Market in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Melrose Market

Melrose Market, at the base of the trendy Pike–Pine Corridor in Capitol Hill, is a kind of modern antidote to Pike Place: small, free of tourist elbows and consciously curated. The two places do, however, share one …
Clothing in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Crossroads Trading Co

This used-clothing store is less expensive than others in the area but also generally less hipster-chic, which is nice if you just want to shop for basics without having some too-cool clerk stare down their nose at …
Vintage in Capitol Hill & First Hill


Imagine a brick-and-mortar version of eBay with gear chosen by your ultimate personal shopper. This new vintage/used clothes shop is far from being a dumping ground for someone else's unwanted clothes. Rather it is …
Books in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Twice Sold Tales

Twice Sold Tales is a cozy den full of very-well-priced used books, stacked haphazardly along narrow aisles. A book ‘happy hour’ discount kicks in after 6pm. A bunch of aloof cats roam the shop, actively ignoring ev…
Music in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Wall of Sound

Bedroom-sized Wall of Sound has a civilized, studious air and a penchant for avant-garde sounds. If you’re into esoterica or weird musical sub-genres such as ‘Japanoise,’ this could be heaven.
Clothing in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters in the Broadway Market sells clothing geared toward young folks looking to score points on the hip scale without having to think too hard about putting together a look.
Clothing in Capitol Hill & First Hill

Throwbacks NW

A niche vintage shop that focuses on sport-line clothing that not only evokes nostalgia for sports teams, but revisits the hip-hop street fashions of the 1980s and '90s.