U District shopping

Top Choice Books in U District

University Book Store

University Book Store is a vast all-purpose book emporium founded in 1900, making it Seattle's oldest. Its huge catalog of tomes is a browser's dream, and helpful staff, a regular program of events and a cozy cafe m…
Market in U District

U District Farmers Market

A market has been held every Saturday in the vicinity of the university year-round since 1993. Faithful to the spirit of farmers markets, the U District's is a food-only affair – all of its displayed produce comes f…
DVD/Video in U District

Scarecrow Video

In an era when video stores appear to have befallen the same fate as the Tyrannosaurus rex, Scarecrow soldiers on. It's the largest video store in the country, with over 100,000 films in stock, many of them rare. A …
Books in U District

Magus Books

Magus is a great used-book store, the kind of place where you can literally spend hours getting lost in the crooked, narrow aisles on the hunt for that obscure out-of-print title you’re not sure you can even remembe…
Books in U District

Half Price Books

If the encyclopedic University Book Store wasn’t good (or cheap) enough for you, try the second-, third- or fourth-hand tomes here.
Books in U District

Amazon Books

Amazon's first brick-and-mortar bookstore opened in University Village, an outdoor shopping mall, in November 2015. Though heavy on gloss and technical gadgetry, the business lacks the cozy informality characteristi…
Homewares in U District

Hardwick’s Hardware Store

Locals in the know come to Hardwick’s to explore the rows and rows of buckets filled with bizarre little gadgets and gizmos. Some people probably know what these objects are for, but most shoppers are looking for th…
Drinks in U District

Bulldog News & Espresso

The newsstand of choice on 'the Ave,' this place has pretty much every magazine or newspaper you might want, from imports and big glossies to stapled-together zines. There's an excellent street-side espresso window …
Clothing in U District

Buffalo Exchange

This secondhand-clothing store is comfortable to browse in but can be hit-and-miss in terms of good finds. Some of its merchandise is on the square side – which doesn’t, ironically, make it any easier to sell your o…
Clothing in U District

Crossroads Trading Co

Consignment store buying and selling 'gently used' clothing (it's what they call 'secondhand' these days). Go and pop some tags and see if Macklemore was right. There's another branch in Capitol Hill.