Middle Eastern in Capitol Hill & First Hill


If you're working your way around the world in one neighborhood, Mamnoon is Capitol Hill's token Middle Eastern stop – with strong Syrian and Lebanese inflections. Slink inside for an unusual and wonderfully memorab…
Turkish in Pioneer Square, International District & SoDo

Cafe Paloma

Various words spring to mind when thinking of Cafe Paloma…Bistro. Eggplant. Casual. Friendly. Turkish. Meze. Music. Lemonade. Falafel. If any of this sounds interesting, be sure to drop by this jewel of a restaurant…
Middle Eastern in U District

Aladdin Gyro-cery

Handy late-night beer soaker-upper or emergency day-after hangover ‘cure’ on ‘the Ave.’ What student hasn't craved it at least once? There are plenty of vegetarian options.