Diner in Pioneer Square, International District & SoDo


A classic Pioneer Square workday lunch place, the subterranean and slightly utilitarian Bakeman's has become practically synonymous with its star take-out – roasted turkey and cranberry sandwich, served as fresh as …
Diner in Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront


Fish-and-chips is a simple meal often done badly – but not here. Slam down your order for Alaskan cod at the front entry and take your food up to the top floor for delicious views over Puget Sound. Lowells also serv…
Diner in Georgetown & West Seattle

Square Knot Diner

A comforting and not too kitschy diner in the middle of Georgetown with booths and a wraparound counter with screw-down stools. The food is no-nonsense – think burgers, breakfasts, hot sarnies and over-dressed salad…