U District drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in U District

Blue Moon

A legendary counterculture dive that first opened in 1934 to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition, Blue Moon makes much of its former literary patrons – including Dylan Thomas and Allen Ginsberg. The place is agreeab…
Cafe in U District

Café Allegro

You can dispel a few urban myths in Café Allegro. It is this place, not Starbucks, that is the oldest functioning coffee bar in Seattle. Founded in 1975, it was a bona fide espresso bar when Starbucks was still just…
Bar in U District

Café Racer

A bohemian beauty tucked away in the northern part of the U District, the Racer is an eclectic head-spinner full of crazy little details. It's known for its hearty brunches (the corn-beef hash hits the spot), fine c…
Bar in U District

Monkey Pub

This unironic U District dive is one of the few places in town where you can slug pitchers of cheap beer, shoot free pool and sing drunken karaoke on a weekend night without having to do any planning whatsoever. If …
Cafe in U District

Zoka Coffee

Aside from its desirable coffee (home-roasted, of course), Zoka is the place to go for a marathon laptop session. Don't feel guilty about lingering: the staff actively encourage you to stay with plenty of plug-in po…
Brewery in U District

Big Time Microbrew & Music

A fun hangout, this expansive brewpub is quiet and casual in the daytime but gets hopping at night. During the school year, it can be crowded with students still testing out their resistance (or not) to alcohol. It'…
Cafe in U District

Ugly Mug

Good soups, sandwiches and the atmosphere of a cozy living room make this coffee shop just off 'the Ave' worth a peek. It also serves excellent home-roasted coffee, as is standard for any Seattle coffee shop.