Queen Anne & Lake Union attractions

Top Choice Lake in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Lake Union

Unifying Seattle’s various bodies of water, freshwater Lake Union was carved by glacial erosion 12,000 years ago. Native American Duwamish tribes once subsisted on its then-isolated shores, but 21st-century Lake Uni…
Top Choice Museum in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Museum of History & Industry

Almost everything you need to know about erstwhile Seattle is crammed into the refurbished Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), the centerpiece of Lake Union Park in the emerging South Lake Union neighborhood. …
Museum in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Center for Wooden Boats

Honoring Seattle's historical, aquatic and Native American antecedents, this one-of-a-kind museum and enthusiasts' center features vintage and replica boats and offers sailing lessons, including an excellent beginne…
Park in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Kerry Park

Amid the glittering Beverly Hills–like mansions of Highland Dr, mere commoners can enjoy eagle’s-eye views of downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay (and Mt Rainier, should it take its cloudy hat off) from this spectacula…
Park in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Lake Union Park

Opened in 2010, this welcome green patch occupies ex-navy land on the southern tip of Lake Union and has a wading pond (with model sailboats you can use), an attractive bridge and a boat launch. It hosts the Museum …
Park in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Marshall Park

Atop Queen Anne Hill at the west end of W Highland Dr this tiny but loftily positioned park has expansive views stretching west across Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains.
Area in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Queen Anne Counterbalance

The streetcar that chugged up and down the steep grade along Queen Anne Ave started operating on overhead-wire electricity in 1900, but it still needed some help to manage the hill. So engineers designed a system of…
Landmark in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Treat House

This 14-gabled house near the top of Queen Anne Hill was built in 1905 by Harry Whitney Treat, a friend of William F ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody. Treat also created Golden Gardens Park in northwest Ballard. After Treat's de…
Park in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Denny Park

Seattle’s oldest park was originally designated a cemetery – but that status ended up being rather temporary, and the land was rededicated as parkland. Formerly part of Denny Hill, the park was later flattened in th…
Gardens in Queen Anne & Lake Union

Parsons Garden

A leafy public garden in the posh Queen Anne neighborhood that's especially popular for summer weddings.