Opera, chamber music, performance and visual arts draw patrons from the world's most glittering cities to Santa Fe in July and August. The opera may be the belle of the ball – clad in sparkling denim – but there is plenty going on throughout the year.

A Game of Screens

Like many a local resident, Game of Thrones author George RR Martin felt a definite tinge of regret each time he walked past Santa Fe’s much missed Jean Cocteau Cinema, which closed its doors in 2006. Unlike his neighbors, however, Martin was in a position to do something about it. He bought the place and reopened it in 2013.

The Cocteau is now once more programming art-house and new-release movies, with Martin’s reputation helping to draw in writers and performers for special events. Best of all, it’s become a tradition for the cinema to hail each new season of Game of Thrones with free advance screenings. Costumed fans wait overnight on the sidewalk outside for Q&A sessions with Martin and the various actors.