Italian in San Jose

Original Joe’s

Waiters in bow ties flit about this busy 1950s San Jose landmark, serving standard Italian dishes to locals and conventioneers. The dining room is a curious but tasteful hodgepodge of '50s brick, contemporary wood p…
Steak in San Jose


This fine New American steakhouse restaurant in the Marriott Hotel is run by Chef Michael Mina, one of San Francisco’s biggest celebrity chefs. It’s not the daring, cutting-edge style Mina is known for, but it’s sli…
Vegetarian in San Jose

Tofoo Com Chay

Conveniently located on the border of the San Jose State University campus, students and vegetarians queue up for the Vietnamese dishes like the fake-meat pho and the heaped combo plates.
Bakery in San Jose

Psycho Donuts

Who knew that a sugary confection with a hole could induce such devious giggles and fiendish delight? Saunter on over to Psycho Donuts, where counter staff dressed in saucy medical garb hand out bubble wrap to pop a…