Good Vibrations

Top choice adult in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

'Wait, I'm supposed to put that where?' The understanding salespeople in this worker-owned cooperative are used to giving rather explicit instructions, so don't hesitate to ask. Margaret Cho is on the board here, so you know they're not shy. Check out the display of antique vibrators, including one that looks like a floor waxer – thank goodness for modern technology.

Good Vibrations made history as the first women-owned sex toy store in 1977, and now has nine locations nationwide. This branch is special for its vast selection of the latest greatest and technology, and its on-site Antique Vibrator Museum (free), showcasing antique 'blood circulators' dating from Victorian times. Pioneering local sexologist Dr Carol Queen leads free tours on the third Sunday of each month at 3pm that are wildly popular – book online at least three days in advance.