Top Choice Clothing in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

New People

A three-story emporium devoted to Japanese pop culture, New People carries Japantown's most interesting clothing. At Maruq, find Japanese street wear from Tokyo's Shibuya and Harajuku districts (locale of independen…
Top Choice Clothing in Nob Hill & Russian Hill


The kind of boutique young moms hope to find when they're out for a girly-girl afternoon, Picnic caters to women who say c-u-u-u-t-e! to the pretty tops, smart skirts, baby clothes, children's toys, handmade jewelry…
Jewelry in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

Velvet da Vinci

At this jewelry and sculpture gallery, you can see the ideas behind the handiwork: Lynn Christiansen channels food obsession into a purse resembling whipped cream, and Tom Hill makes evident his fascination with bir…
Fashion & Accessories in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

Molte Cose

Thrilling for browsers, Molte Cose's imaginative, unpredictable collection of vintage bric-a-brac ranges from French stemware to Royal typewriters that double as set decoration for displays of pretty-frilly dresses,…
Cosmetics in Nob Hill & Russian Hill


Get cheeky with BeneTint (dab-on liquid blush from roses) or raise eyebrows with Brow Zings tinted wax – two of Benefit's signature products invented in San Francisco by a twin-sister team. Surgery is so LA: in SF, …
Art in Nob Hill & Russian Hill


Spiff up your pad with locally made art at great prices. For a memento of your visit to SF, Studio is the place to come, with a mix of prints and fine art by Elizabeth Ashcroft depicting local haunts, and architectu…
Adult in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations made history as the first women-owned sex-shop chain. This branch is special for its broad selection (no pun) of shame-free sex toys and its on-site vibrator museum (free), where famous local sexolog…
Homewares in Nob Hill & Russian Hill


Make your nest cozier with one-of-a-kind accessories from this well-curated collection, including Provençal quilts, beaded jewelry, craft kits and papier-mâché trophy heads for the kids' room, as well as mesmerizing…
Vintage in Nob Hill & Russian Hill


Find a snappy new outfit at this fab vintage store, noteworthy for its colorful, eccentric collection. Expect fur, spiked leather, silk kimonos, vintage tees, formal party dresses – looks that spice yours up, withou…
Homewares in Nob Hill & Russian Hill

Soko Hardware

Folks love Soko for its exceptional selection of ikebana (flower arranging), bonsai, tea-ceremony and Zen rock-garden supplies, and also for its properly tuned wind chimes and quality Japanese bath products.