Top Choice Landmark in North Beach & Chinatown

City Lights Bookstore

Ever since manager Shigeyoshi Murao and founder and Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti successfully defended their right to print Allen Ginsberg’s magnificent Howl and Other Poems in 1957, this bookstore has been a fre…
Top Choice Gallery in Downtown, Civic Center & SoMa

Luggage Store Gallery

Like a dandelion pushing through sidewalk cracks, this plucky nonprofit gallery has brought signs of life to one of the Tenderloin's toughest blocks for two decades. By giving SF street artists a gallery platform, t…
Top Choice Street in Nob Hill, Russian Hill & Fillmore

Lombard Street

You’ve seen its eight switchbacks in a thousand photographs. The tourist board has dubbed this ‘the world’s crookedest street, ’ which is factually incorrect. Vermont St in Potrero Hill deserves that award, but Lomb…
Top Choice Museum in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers


Is there a science to skateboarding? Do toilets really flush counterclockwise in Australia? Find answers to questions you wished you'd learned in school, at San Francisco's thrilling hands-on science museum. Combini…
Top Choice Amusement Park in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers

Musée Mécanique

Where else can you guillotine a man for a quarter? Creepy 19th-century arcade games like the macabre French Execution compete with the diabolical Ms Pac-Man for your spare change.
Top Choice Beach in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers

Baker Beach

Picnic amid wind-sculpted pines, fish from craggy rocks or frolic nude at mile-long Baker Beach, with spectacular views of the bridge. Crowds come weekends, especially on fog-free days; arrive early. For nude sunbat…
Top Choice Historic Site in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers

Maritime National Historical Park

Four historic ships are floating museums at this national park, the Wharf’s most authentic attraction. Moored along Hyde St Pier, standouts include the 1891 schooner Alma, 1890 steamboat Eureka, paddlewheel tugboat …
Top Choice Historic Site in Nob Hill, Russian Hill & Fillmore

Cable Car Museum

Hear that whirring beneath the cable-car tracks? That's the sound of the cables that pull the cars, and they all connect inside the city's long-functioning cable-car barn. Grips, engines, braking mechanisms…if these…
Top Choice Architecture in The Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & the Piers

Lyon St Steps

Two blocks, between Broadway and Green St, flanked by forests and glamorous mansions – including Senator Dianne Feinstein's. Jaw-dropping bay and Marina views. Popular with stair-runners and coffee klatches. Conne…
Top Choice Street in The Haight & Hayes Valley

Haight St

Was it the fall of 1966 or the winter of ’67? As the Haight saying goes, if you can remember the Summer of Love, man, you probably weren’t there. The fog was laced with pot, sandalwood incense and burning draft card…