This favorite urban retreat recreates communal, clothing-optional Japanese baths. Salt-scrub in the steam room, soak in the hot pool, then cold-plunge and reheat in the sauna. Rinse and repeat. Silence is mandatory, fostering a meditative mood – if you hear the gong, it means Shhhh! Men and women alternate days, except on co-ed Tuesdays (bathing suits required Tuesdays).

The look befits the location – slightly dated Japanese modern, with vaulted lacquered-wood ceilings, tile mosaics and low lighting. Plan on two hours minimum, plus a 30- to 60-minute wait at peak times (add your name to the waiting list, then go next door to slurp noodles or shop; they'll text you when your key is ready). Communal bathing is discounted with massage appointments; book ahead and come on the gender-appropriate day.