Top Choice Californian in Sacramento

Kitchen Restaurant

Husband-and-wife team Randall Selland and Nancy Zimmer's cozy dining room in the northeast 'burbs is the pinnacle of Sacramento’s food experience. Their demonstration dinners focus on — what else? — local, seasonal,…
Market in Davis

Davis Farmers Market

A beloved event known for its variety and fair prices.
Californian in Sacramento

Grange Restaurant & Bar

On the ground floor of the Citizen Hotel, this upscale seasonal restaurant will introduce you to the locally sourced flavors of the Sacramento Valley.
Modern American in Sacramento

Mulvaney’s B&L

With an obsessive commitment to seasonality, the menu at this swank, converted 19th-century firehouse includes delicate pastas and grilled meats that change every day.
Ice Cream in Sacramento


Always popular, this vintage 1940s soda fountain makes its own ice cream and frozen novelties.
American in Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

Foster’s Bighorn

A veritable museum of taxidermy – with beer. Frozen snarls abound: 300 hunting trophies include Kodiak bears, rhinos and big cats of every stripe. The centerpiece is a full-grown African elephant, whose trunk extend…
American in Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

Al's Place

Aka 'Al the Wop’s,' this is a magnet for amiable Harley crews. The draw isn’t the food (the special is a peanut butter-slathered hamburger) so much as the ambience. Above the creaking floorboards, the ceiling’s cove…
Fusion in Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta


Making the most of the Delta's multiethnic history, Rogelio's hotel and casino restaurant serves a mash-up of Mexican and Chinese dishes, with a few Italian and American standards mixed in. But nothing beats the car…
Pub Food in Chico

Sierra Nevada Taproom & Restaurant

What's on tap is the main draw at the on-site restaurant of the Sierra Nevada Brewery. This genuine Chico destination is great for downing brews but lacks ambience – the huge, loud dining room is basically a factory…
American in Chico

Palomino Room

Genuine Texas BBQ in a saloon that's been operating since 1946. Previously known for bar brawls, it's been overhauled and dressed up with signs dating back to Red Bluff's pioneer days. Go for the brisket or ribs wit…