Top Choice Live Music in Bakersfield

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

For fans of the Bakersfield Sound, this is the first stop – just look for the huge neon homage to Buck’s famous red, white and blue guitar. Part museum, honky-tonk and steakhouse (dinner from 5pm, brunch 9:30am to 2…
Live Music in Sacramento


Quality jazz, R&B and the occasional salsa or indie act in a classy joint. Just beware of the potent martinis.
Live Music in Bakersfield

Trout’s & the Blackboard Stage

The legendary Trout’s, north of town, is the only remaining honky-tonk in these parts, hobbling along after half a century as a testament to hell-raisin’ days past. Hundreds of old guitars hang from the ceiling of t…
Live Music in Visalia

Cellar Door

Serving pizza, wine and live music in a subterranean club on Main St. The events are all over the place – a Metallica cover band one night, salsa dancing the next – but there's always something going on.
Live Music in Sacramento

Old Ironsides

The tiny back room of this cool dive hosts some of the best indie bands that come through town.