Top Choice Museum in Sacramento

Crocker Art Museum

Housed in the Crocker family's ornate Victorian mansion (and sprawling additions), this museum is stunning as much for its striking architecture (old and new) as its collections. There are some very fine works by bo…
Top Choice Museum in Sacramento

California Museum

This modern museum is home to the California Hall Of Fame and so the only place to simultaneously encounter César Chávez, Mark Zuckerberg and Amelia Earhart. The California Indians exhibit is a highlight, with artif…
Top Choice Historic Building in Sacramento

California State Capitol

The gleaming dome of the California State Capitol is Sacramento’s most recognizable structure. A painting of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit hangs in the West Wing along with the other governors' portraits. Some wil…
Museum in Sacramento

State Indian Museum

It’s with some irony that the Indian Museum sits in the shadow of Sutter’s Fort. The excellent exhibits and tribal handicrafts on display – including the intricately woven and feathered baskets of the Pomo – are tra…
Museum in Sacramento

California State Railroad Museum

At Old Sac’s north end is this impressive collection of railcars and locomotives ranging in size from miniature to true scale. While the candy-coated recounting of the struggles of those who laid the track is unsett…
Historic Site in Sacramento

Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

Originally built by John Sutter, this park was once the only trace of white settlement for hundreds of miles. Reserve a couple hours to stroll within its walls, where furniture, medical equipment and a blacksmith sh…
Museum in Oroville

Chinese Temple & Museum Complex

This restored temple and museum offers a fascinating glimpse into Oroville's Chinese legacy and is well worth exploring. Built in 1863, it served the Chinese community, which built the area's levees and at its peak …
Museum in Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

Dai Loy Museum

An old gambling hall filled with photos and relics of gaming operations, including betting tables and an antique safe. Groups can call ahead to arrange a 90-minute walking tour (adult/child $5/3) of the historic dis…
Museum in Stockton

Haggin Museum

This city gem houses a 26ft boat by Stockton's own Stephens Bros company, and an excellent collection of American landscape and 'Golden Age' paintings.
Historic Building in Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

Old Sugar Mill

A jazz combo echoes through space to complement wines of the Carvalho family, who own this custom crushing facility. It's the hub of a thriving community of local winemakers. The wines of the Clarksburg region have …