Sabbathday Lake & Poland Spring attractions

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Sabbathday Lake & Poland Spring

Maine Wildlife Park

Not quite a zoo but a great place to view native Maine wildlife, this park is a bucolic reserve with plenty of picnic tables, short walking trails, and animal enclosures. Residing here are various animals (30 specie…
Village in Sabbathday Lake & Poland Spring

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village

The Shakers, a Protestant religious sect named for their habit of ecstatic spiritual dancing, once inhabited communities up and down the East Coast. They believed in simple living, prayer, egalitarianism and hard wo…
Park in Sabbathday Lake & Poland Spring

Poland Spring Historic District

The village of Poland Spring is famous for its mineral water, which is now sold throughout the US. From the mid-19th century, Poland Spring was a destination for its curative waters and picturesque setting, so in th…