Although traveling by schooner largely went out of style at the dawn of the 20th century, adventurers can still explore the rugged Maine coast the old-fashioned way: aboard fast sailing ships known as windjammers. Nine of these multi-masted vessels anchor at Rockland and Camden and offer trips ranging from overnight to 11 days around Penobscot Bay and further up the coast.

Travelers explore towns and islands along the way, stopping for hiking, sightseeing or shopping. They also take their meals on the boat (expect sunset dinners and plenty of lobster; meals are generally excellent). Four- to six-day cruises are the most common.

For details of schooner owner-operators and a rundown of their vessels, schedules and prices, visit the association's website. You can also get a smaller taste of these boats on two-hour sailings; many are operated out of Camden.