Top things to do

Museum in Ridgecrest

US Naval Museum of Armament & Technology

Touch a Tomahawk missile or mug with a 'Fat Man' (atomic bomb, that is) at this museum on a classified US Navy base. The weapons collection will likely fascinate technology, flight, history and military buffs – and …
Nature Reserve in Ridgecrest

Trona Pinnacles

What do the movies Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek V: the Final Frontier and Planet of the Apes have in common? They were all filmed at Trona Pinnacles, an eerily beautiful natural landmark where some 500 calcium ca…
Ghost Town in Ridgecrest


About 20 miles south of Ridgecrest, off US Hwy 395, Randsburg is a 'living ghost town,' an abandoned and now (somewhat) reinhabited gold-mining town circa 1895. You can visit a tiny historical museum, antiques shops…