Top Choice Vietnamese in New Orleans

Tan Dinh

It may look like a bog standard strip-mall Vietnamese joint when you walk in, but we'd happily contend that Tan Dinh is one of the best restaurants in greater New Orleans. The garlic butter chicken wings could be se…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Baton Rouge

Dang's Vietnamese Restaurant

Everything at this Vietnamese institution is great, but have a slurp of the pho and you may whisper a prayer to the kitchen gods for favoring you with a broth so flavorful. Honestly, you can't go wrong ordering off …
Top Choice Vietnamese in Little Haiti & the Upper East Side

Phuc Yea

Not unlike its cheeky name, Phuc Yea pushes boundaries with its bold and deliciously executed Vietnamese cooking – served up in a graffiti-smeared and hip-hop loving setting. You too can heed the call to get 'Phuc'd…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Port Arthur

Bahn Mi Deli

You'll probably pass by a couple of times before you find it. The corner-store vibe isn't immediately convincing, but after tasting one (or a few) of the traditional-style bahn mi sandwiches, you may just find yours…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Northern Orange County

Garlic & Chives

One of the most exciting restaurants – not just Vietnamese – in Orange County. Chef Kristin Nguyen nails the standards and then riffs on share plates like lamb skewers, pomelo salad with shrimp, pork and banana blos…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Uptown & Riverbend

Ba Chi Canteen

Do not be skeptical of the 'bacos' ($3), as odd as they sound. These pillowy bundles of deliciousness – a banh bao crossed with a taco – successfully merge the subtle seasonings of Vietnamese fillings with the folda…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Arlington

Pho Pasteur Restaurant

Southwest of the stadiums and parks, this Vietnamese restaurant specializes in pho, the iconic beef soup. Steaming bowls are served from pots that have been simmering for 12 hours or more. Patrons also love the bánh…
Top Choice Vietnamese in New Orleans

Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery

Come here for the best banh mi (Vietnamese bread rolls of sliced pork, cucumber, cilantro; locally called a ‘Vietnamese po’boy’) around, fantastic pho and some very fine durian cake.
Top Choice Vietnamese in Georgetown

Simply Banh Mi

There's nothing fancy about the small, below-street-level space, and the compact menu sticks mostly to sandwiches and bubble tea. But the brother-sister owners know how to take a crusty baguette, stuff it with delic…
Vietnamese in Uptown & Riverbend

Pho Cam Ly

After much exhaustive research, this is our go-to bowl of pho in New Orleans (short of driving to New Orleans East). The Pho Cam Ly broth is rich and exciting and textured and makes you go all kinds of 'mmm'. There …