Scandinavian in Portland

Broder Nord

You'll recognize most of the Scandi brunch menu from the original Broder cafe (the Lost Eggs are a favorite), but this location also does a Friday night smörgåsbord dinner, which changes weekly but generally focuses…
Norwegian in Portland

Viking Soul Food

These delicious Norwegian wraps come with savory stuffings (meatballs, chicken sausage, house-smoked salmon and mushroom-hazelnut patties) or sweet stuffings such as rhubarb chèvre (goat cheese), lemon curd and ling…
Scandinavian in Portland


Scandi food fiends should line up here for their gravlax fix. There are also Danish pancakes, Swedish hash and Norwegian lefse (traditional flatbread). The new-ish Broder Nord serves dinner as well.
Norwegian in Epcot

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Join Disney princesses for a Norwegian-inspired feast in medieval surrounds – Disney-style, of course, so you’ll find pizza and Minute Maid lemonade with a glowing Ariel alongside Norwegian meatballs with lingonberr…
Norwegian in Park City

Viking Yurt

More of an experience than a meal – it isn't every day that a sleigh whisks you to dinner on the mountaintop serenaded by a baby grand. A candlelit dinner includes glogg, hearty Norwegian fare and a cheese course. I…
Swedish in Kingsburg

Diane's Village Bakery & Cafe

Diane Hurtado cooks with her grandmother's recipes, which means light and fluffy Swedish pancakes and Danish aebleskivers, round cakes spiked with cardamom and served with raspberry jam.
Swedish in Kingsburg

Dala Horse

A local favorite, this coffeeshop starts buzzing when folks roll in for, of course, pancakes (Swedish with lingonberry jam, oatmeal, or plain). The meatballs are also a treat.