Top things to do

Top Choice Glacier in Valdez

Columbia Glacier

The big daddy of Prince William Sound's glaciers is also one of the world's fastest moving, though, like many ice floes in Alaska, it is rapidly retreating – peeling back an estimated 19 miles since 1980. Spilling f…
Top Choice Museum in Valdez

Valdez Museum

This lovingly curated museum includes an ornate, steam-powered antique fire engine, a 19th-century saloon bar and the ceremonial first barrel of oil to flow from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
Top Choice Italian in Valdez

Roma Italian Kitchen

Cross Italian cooking techniques with fresh Alaskan fish and you have a marriage made in heaven, if the scallop risotto at this harborside restaurant is anything to go by. Equally taste-worthy is the halibut cioppin…
Top Choice Mexican in Cordova

Baja Taco

Alaska has a remarkably healthy quota of scruffy-in-a-good-way food trucks, some of which have sprung more permanent foundations. A case in point is Baja Taco, an antediluvian school bus grafted onto the side of a b…
Top Choice American in Valdez

Roadside Potatohead

A new offshoot of a legendary wilderness food cart in McCarthy, this Valdez incarnation sits on foundations rather than wheels in a fine harborside location. It knocks out the kind of carb-heavy menu often necessary…
Arts Center in Cordova

Cordova Center

What a cultural resource! The handsome new Cordova Center would make a town 10 times the size proud. Aside from a museum and library, the facility shelters a 206-seat theater that attracts traveling acting groups an…
Coffee in Valdez

Latte Dah Espresso

Don't bother with any fact-gathering opinion polls. This is the best coffee in town – Kaladi Brothers, no less (Alaska's finest) perfectly pulled into your 8oz or 12oz cup in a dinky little cafe with a warm, friendl…
Cafe in Cordova

Little Cordova Bakery

Up with the larks to provide sweetness and caffeine for early-morning fishing trawlers, this tiny bakery (no seating) offers a gorgeous mélange of almond pastries, cinnamon buns, fresh bread and jolting cups of joe.
Historic Site in Valdez

Old Valdez

Old Valdez is like a wilder, starker, less trammeled version of Italy's Pompeii. This is where the town stood before the devastating 1964 earthquake pretty much wiped it out. Today there isn't much left of the origi…
Cultural in Cordova

Iceworm Festival

Cordova’s famous homegrown, tongue-in-cheek event is held on the second weekend of February. It includes the crowning of a Miss Iceworm, the Survival Suit Race, in which participants don survival suits and plunge in…