Top Choice Italian in Valdez

Roma Italian Kitchen

Cross Italian cooking techniques with fresh Alaskan fish and you have a marriage made in heaven, if the scallop risotto at this harborside restaurant is anything to go by. Equally taste-worthy is the halibut cioppin…
Top Choice Mexican in Cordova

Baja Taco

Alaska has a remarkably healthy quota of scruffy-in-a-good-way food trucks, some of which have sprung more permanent foundations. A case in point is Baja Taco, an antediluvian school bus grafted onto the side of a b…
Top Choice American in Valdez

Roadside Potatohead

A new offshoot of a legendary wilderness food cart in McCarthy, this Valdez incarnation sits on foundations rather than wheels in a fine harborside location. It knocks out the kind of carb-heavy menu often necessary…
Cafe in Cordova

Little Cordova Bakery

Up with the larks to provide sweetness and caffeine for early-morning fishing trawlers, this tiny bakery (no seating) offers a gorgeous mélange of almond pastries, cinnamon buns, fresh bread and jolting cups of joe.
Italian in Valdez

Mike’s Palace

Palace? Mike's is more like a ristorante in the rough, but in a totally good way. The theme is American-Italian with a few attempts at Mexican (which are probably best left alone) and some better stabs at seafood.
Seafood in Whittier

Wild Catch Cafe

This place is relatively new in Whittier's small restaurant universe, and its 'wild catch' appears primarily in its salmon burgers, and halibut and chips. The menu is inscribed on a big blackboard and there are two …
Seafood in Whittier

Swiftwater Seafood Cafe

This tiny hole in the wall has a walk-up counter where you order your food and pay before eating. Halibut and chips and red seafood chowder are the signature dishes, but there's also crab cakes, fried zucchini, burg…
American in Cordova

Powder House Bar & Grill

Overlooking Eyak Lake on the site of the original Copper River & Northwestern Railroad powder house, this is a fun place with live music, excellent beer, soup and sandwiches for lunch, and quality steak and – th…
Pizza in Valdez

Fat Mermaid

First things first: the Fat Mermaid has got Valdez' best selection of beers, with drafts from three different Alaskan breweries. Second, the food's quite adventurous too, with an eclectic menu featuring funked-out s…
Southern US in Valdez

Valdez Bistro

Southern American and Korean cuisine engage in an unlikely dance at this casual open-all-hours restaurant in the Mountain Sky Hotel. Though not endowed with typical bistro airs, it is the only Valdez restaurant with…