Museum in Valdez

Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum

If you only have time for one museum, this is your spot. The high-quality museum is devoted to Alaska Native culture and Alaskan wildlife, and features ivory and baleen artwork, moose-antler furniture, and natural-h…
Museum in Valdez

Valdez Museum

This gargantuan museum includes an ornate, steam-powered antique fire engine, a 19th-century saloon bar and the ceremonial first barrel of oil to flow from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
Museum in Cordova

Cordova Museum

Adjacent to the Cordova Library, this museum is a small, grassroots collection worth seeing. Displays cover local marine life, relics from the town’s early history – including a captivating lighthouse lens – and a t…
Cultural Center in Cordova

Ilanka Cultural Center

This excellent museum, operated by local Alaska Natives, has a small but high-quality collection of Alaska Native art from all over the state. Don’t miss the intact killer-whale skeleton – one of only five in the wo…
Museum in Valdez

‘Remembering Old Valdez’ Annex

This annex is dominated by a scale model of the Old Valdez township. Each home destroyed in the Good Friday Earthquake has been restored in miniature, with the family’s name in front. In the theater, stick around to…
Science Center in Cordova

Prince William Sound Science Center

This dockside research facility offers themed ‘Discovery Packs’ for kids, which include information on the birds, flora and geology of Cordova. Inside the facility there’s not much for visitors save a few interestin…
Museum in Whittier

Prince William Sound Museum

This museum occupies an ill-lit room beside the Anchor Inn Grocery Store. The space has lots of tidy displays about Whittier’s military history. It's long on storytelling and short on artifacts, and the in-depth tal…
Historic Site in Valdez

Old Valdez

Valdez has been unduly blessed by nature, but at 5:46pm on March 27, 1964, came payback time. Some 45 miles west of town and roughly 14 miles under the ground, a fault ruptured, triggering a magnitude 9.2 earthquake…
Landmark in Valdez

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terminal

Across the inlet from town, Valdez’ ever-pumping heart once welcomed visitors, but since September 11, 2001, stricter security protocols have closed it to the public.
Harbor in Cordova

Small-Boat Harbor

In Cordova, the standard greeting among locals is ‘Been fishing?’ Unsurprisingly, the harbor is the community’s heart, humming throughout the season as fishers frantically try to meet their quota before the runs are…