Port Arthur attractions

Museum in Port Arthur

Museum of the Gulf Coast

This is a splendid museum that covers the natural, geological and cultural history of the region from 'Jurassic to Janis Joplin.' A large section is devoted to local celebrities like Janice, who remained a hometown …
Historic Building in Port Arthur

Rose Hill Manor

Built in 1906 by real-estate dealer/banker/mayor RH Woodworth, this historic home is currently open to the public only by appointment, except for special events, but it's worth calling. Or just admire it from the ou…
Historic Building in Port Arthur

Pompeiian Villa

Commissioned in 1900 as Port Arthur was becoming an oil boomtown, the Pompeiian Villa was constructed in a traditional Roman layout copied from an actual 79 AD villa in the city of Pompeii. Call ahead to confirm, bu…