US dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $150

  • Room at cheap B&B: $85
  • Bentō meals and self-catering: $30
  • Museum admission: $5
  • Bike rental: $35
  • Hike: Free

Midrange: $150–250

  • Deal on room in midrange hotel: $125
  • Na Pali Coast tour: $100
  • Dinner in local restaurants: $25

Top End: More than $250

  • Fancy hotel room: $250
  • Helicopter ride: $400
  • Na Pali Coast Sunset tour: $100
  • Dinner and drinks in fine restaurant: $100


Bargaining is not appropriate in Kauaʻi and can be construed as offensive by locals.


ATMs are available in all major towns. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. American Express and Discover hit or miss.


ATMs are available 24/7 at banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping centers and gas stations. Expect a surcharge of about $2 per transaction, plus any fees charged by your home bank.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards are widely accepted at larger businesses, and they’re necessary to rent a car, order tickets by phone and book a hotel room. But smaller businesses such as B&Bs may not accept credit cards. In those cases, a Paypal or Venmo account may suffice if you'd rather not deal in cash.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1$0.69

For current exchange rates, see


Leaving no tip is rare and requires real cause.

  • Hotel bellhops $1 to $2 per bag.
  • Housekeeping staff $2 to $4 daily.
  • Parking valets At least $2 when handed back your car keys.
  • Restaurants Tip 15% to 20%, unless gratuity is included.
  • Taxi drivers Tip 10% to 15% of metered fare.