Top Choice Beach in Poʻipu

Haʻula Beach

Haʻula is an isolated bay and pocket beach nestled into the shoreline. You’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe here, particularly when swinging in a hammock made from a washed-up fishing net. If you’re lucky, you might see…
Top Choice Beach in Poʻipu

Mahaʻulepu Beach

You feel like you're sitting on the reef in this secluded spot, so it’s no surprise that there’s excellent snorkeling. To get here, hike the Mahaʻulepu Heritage Trail from Shipwreck Beach or drive 1.5 miles on the d…
Beach in Poʻipu

Poʻipu Beach Park

At the South Shore's most popular beach, there are no monster waves or idyllic solitude, but it's a go-to spot with something for everyone. Patrolled by resident honu (sea turtles) in the shallows, the beach is prot…
Beach in Poʻipu

Poʻipu Beach

Although it's nicknamed Sheraton Beach or Kiahuna Beach, this long swath of sand is not private. It merely fronts these hotels and the condo complexes, both of which scored big time with their location here, lying w…
Beach in Poʻipu

Brennecke's Beach

With a sandbar bottom and a notch of sand and sea wedged between two lava rock outcrops, this little beach attracts a cadre of bodyboarders, bobbing in the water, waiting for the next set at any time of day or year.…
Beach in Poʻipu

Kawailoa Bay

The beach at Kawailoa Bay has sand dunes at one end and cliffs at the other. The reliable breeze here makes it a popular spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, while the ironwood trees bordering the beach create an i…
Beach in Poʻipu

Baby Beach

Introduce tots to the ocean at this beach, where the water is barely thigh high. The sandy shore runs behind a row of beach homes on Hoʻona Rd west of Koloa Landing. Access is easy but parking is limited (don't bloc…
Beach in Poʻipu

Shipwreck Beach

Unless you’re an expert surfer, bodyboarder or bodysurfer, keep your feet dry at 'Shipwrecks.' Instead, come for an invigorating walk along the half-mile crescent of light-gold sand. You’ll have some company, as the…
Beach in Poʻipu

Lawaʻi (Beach House) Beach

For such a tiny beach, this snorkeling and surfing spot gets lots of attention. Almost adjacent to Lawaʻi Rd, just west of the landmark Beach House Restaurant, it’s not especially scenic or sandy. But during calm su…
Harbor in Poʻipu

Kukuiʻula Small Boat Harbor

With its pavilion and camp tables, Poʻipu’s small commercial harbor is not a bad place for a picnic. Walk the jetty, check out the scuba boats and even sunbathe on the small beach by the road.