Plantation Country restaurants

Top Choice Vietnamese in Baton Rouge

Dang's Vietnamese Restaurant

Everything at this Vietnamese institution is great, but have a slurp of the pho and you may whisper a prayer to the kitchen gods for favoring you with a broth so flavorful. Honestly, you can't go wrong ordering off …
Italian in Plantation Country


There's old school, and then there's Mosca's. This Italian joint looks like it's about to collapse into the mud, but it soldiers on, serving to-die-for oysters Mosca (cooked in cheese and bread crumbs) and garlicky …
Cajun in Plantation Country

Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse & Restaurant

This is the place to stop on your way upriver for smoky pork goodness. LaPlace, located about 30 miles west of New Orleans, is known for its fantastic sausages, and Wayne Jacob’s smokes up some of the best. Po’boys,…
Deli in Baton Rouge

City Pork Deli & Charcuterie

We are unapologetic in our love of sandwiches, and City Pork does some might fine ones: the pork belly banh mi is a crispy revelation, while the house-made pastrami on the New Yorker had us smiling for a long time. …
Vietnamese in Baton Rouge

Saigon Noodles

If you're tired of fried Southern food, head to Saigon Noodles for giant bowls of pho, bun bo hue (spicy beef soup), noodles bowls and fried shrimp dumplings (OK, we guess you can't escape fried food down here). It'…
Cafe in St Francisville

Magnolia Café

The Magnolia Café was once a health-food store and VW-bus repair shop. Today it's the nucleus of what's happening in St Francisville – it's where people go to eat, socialize and, on Friday night, dance to live music…
Cafe in St Francisville

Birdman Coffee & Books

Birdman is the spot for strong coffee, acoustic live music several times a month, a delicious local breakfast (old-fashioned yellow grits, sweet-potato pancakes, salty bacon) and local art.
Cajun in Baton Rouge

Louisiana Lagniappe

If you need a night out in Baton Rouge, and it requires the presence of delicious local cuisine, we'll direct you to Louisiana Lagniappe (lah-nyap). The second word means 'a little extra' in Louisiana French, and it…
Gastropub in Abita Springs & the North Shore

Abita Brew Pub

Delicious burgers, plates of pasta, (literal) buckets of seafood and a gorgeous quail stuffed with boudin are some of the taste offerings on the menu of the Abita Brew Pub, which regularly dishes out some of the bes…
Lebanese in St Francisville

Al Aqaba

Lebanese food – particularly good Lebanese food – wasn't what we were expecting out in rural Louisiana, but when that smell of kofta kabobs, falafel and chicken shawarma hit our noses, we weren't complaining. Finish…