Top things to do in Pittsfield

Italian in Pittsfield


Don’t be put off by the out-of-town location, nor by the deceptively casual interior. Folks travel from New York and Boston to sample Tom and Elizabeth Ellis’ innovative Italian fare. Super fresh ingredients and lot…
Gastropub in Pittsfield

District Kitchen & Bar

Industrial-style decor, moody lighting and striking local artwork make this an atmospheric place. Come for dinner (tasty gastropub fare such as grilled Moroccan chicken, risotto and mac 'n' cheese), or a stop by for…
Museum in Pittsfield

Hancock Shaker Village

This evocative museum illustrates the lives of the religious sect that founded the village in 1783. The Shakers believed in communal ownership, the sanctity of work and celibacy, the latter of which proved to be the…
Sandwiches in Pittsfield

Marketplace Cafe

If you like sandwiches, you'll love this downtown lunch spot. There's something about a funny local name that makes a sandwich taste better. Case in point: Bartholomew's Gobble is not a turkey sandwich, but a turkey…
Bar in Pittsfield


The name might be a little pretentious (Methuselah was a Biblical figure who lived to the age of 969), but thankfully the bar itself is relaxed and welcoming, with a Scandi-style wooden interior and candles. Bar sta…
American in Pittsfield

Seeds Market Cafe

At the Hancock Shaker Village, this cafe serves Shaker-inspired soups, salads and sandwiches made with fresh produce from the onsite heirloom vegetable and herb gardens, and other local suppliers.
Museum in Pittsfield

Berkshire Museum

This museum hosts some worthwhile temporary exhibitions and also displays a rotating permanent collection of international artworks and artifacts, many of them brought back to the Berkshires over the years by travel…