Top Choice Funicular in Pittsburgh

Duquesne Incline

This nifty funicular and its Monongahela Incline twin down the road, both built in the late 19th century, are Pittsburgh icons, zipping up the steep slope of Mt Washington every five to 10 minutes. They provide comm…
Top Choice Museum in Pittsburgh

Andy Warhol Museum

This six-story museum celebrates Pittsburgh's coolest native son, Andy Warhol, who moved to NYC, got a nose job and made himself famous with pop art. The exhibits start with Warhol's earliest drawings and commercial…
Top Choice Arts Center in Pittsburgh

Mattress Factory

Since 1977, this art space has hosted the absolute avant-garde. It now occupies several neighborhood buildings, and always has something surprising on, from pitch-black sensory deprivation rooms to surreal caricatur…
Museum in Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museums

Founded in 1895, these neighboring institutions are both tremendous troves of knowledge. The Carnegie Museum of Art has European treasures and an excellent architectural collection, while the Carnegie Museum of Natu…
Museum in Pittsburgh

Frick Art & Historical Center

Henry Clay Frick, of New York City's Frick Collection fame, built his steel fortune in Pittsburgh. This Frick shows a small art collection (including beautiful medieval icons), plus his cars. For more art and genera…
Gardens in Pittsburgh

Phipps Conservatory

An impressive steel-and-glass greenhouse with beautifully designed and curated gardens, at the northwest corner of Schenley Park.
Notable Building in Pittsburgh


Hey, did you notice the giant yellow house with enormous floor-to-roof wall murals and a small army of garden statuary and a junkyard's worth of painted furniture and a bunch of painted signs from around the world a…
Museum in Pittsburgh

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Kill a day (or at least half a day) with the kids at this multistory fun house, which includes an attic space devoted to illusions, a waterplay area, a multimedia studio for young ones, 'tough art' – which is art th…
Library in Pittsburgh

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh does not lack for beautiful, muscular buildings and the main branch of the Central Library is no exception to this rule. The main branch of the library system is a beautiful, multilevel hybrid of neoclass…
Museum in Pittsburgh

Center for PostNatural History

'Postnatural history,' according to the artist-founder of this quirky museum, is the field of plants and animals designed by humankind. Learn all about spider-silk–making goats, selective breeding and more. Probably…