Top things to do in Piʻilani Highway

Burgers in Piʻilani Highway

Bully’s Burgers

You’ve reached the end of the road. Or the beginning, if you wish. And what do you find but a burger shack – and we mean shack – decorated with cow skulls. No, Bully’s has no Michelin stars, just one heck of a burge…
Area in Piʻilani Highway

Lava Flow

Field of jagged black aʻa lava dating from the last volcanic eruption on the island, about 400 to 500 years ago. The flow drops down the southeast coast of Haleakalā to the sea at La Perouse Bay.
Bay in Piʻilani Highway

Nu'u Bay

Gorgeous bay flanked by a black-sand beach, pre-contact archaeological sites and a protected wetlands refuge (, where you might see endangered sea birds such as the aeʻo (Hawaiian stilt) and the ʻalae k…
Food & Drinks in Piʻilani Highway

Kaupo Store

Sells snacks and drinks. It’s worth popping inside just to see the shelves, which are filled with vintage displays, including a camera collection dating to 1911. Cash only.
Volcano in Piʻilani Highway

Kaupo Gap

Pull over to gaze at this dramatic volcanic rift that drops down the southern flank of Haleakalā. The Kaupo Trail descends through here from the crater of the volcano.
Church in Piʻilani Highway

St Joseph Church

The church, established by Catholic missionaries in the 19th century, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. The church offers a noon mass the fifth Sunday of the month in months with five Sundays. You can confir…
Landmark in Piʻilani Highway

Auwahi Wind Farm

You can't miss the eight towering turbines rotating gracefully between the highway and the sea near mile marker 22. The turbines are a joint venture between Sempra US Gas & Power and BP Wind Energy. According to…
Bay in Piʻilani Highway

Huakini Bay

Rough and rocky beach where you might see a few fishermen. From the two gate posts beside the highway, walk down the dirt road to the coast.
Landmark in Piʻilani Highway

Sea Arch View

Just west of mile marker 29, a coastal sea arch is visible from the Piʻilani Hwy.