Logan Square & Fairmount restaurants

Top Choice Food Hall in Logan Square & Fairmount

Whole Foods Market

Apart from being an excellent grocery store with plenty of prepared food to go, this flagship branch of Whole Foods includes a superb food court with stalls run by Federal Donuts, Dizengoff (for creamy hummus and Is…
International in Logan Square & Fairmount

Garden Restaurant

The Star Catering Group bring its usual professional touch to this appealing restaurant in the Barnes Foundation. There's a lovely garden view through floor-to-ceiling windows and a menu that plays it safe with dish…
Ice Cream in Logan Square & Fairmount

Philly Flavors

You can’t mention Philadelphia foods without mentioning water ice, and Philly Flavors has some of the best in the city, with flavors like honeydew and Sour Cotton Candy. There are four locations – this one is direct…
Cafe in Logan Square & Fairmount

Cosmic Cafe at Lloyd Hall

Where possible this Fairmount Park cafe cooks with ingredients from local farmers using sustainable farming practices. The location by the river and picturesque Boathouse Row makes it a lovely spot for a coffee and …
Diner in Logan Square & Fairmount

Trolley Car Cafe

The old brick building for a long-gone pool in the East Fairmount Park is home to this pleasant cafe with outdoor seating overlooking the Schuylkill River. Some of the ingredients used in their salads and sandwiches…
American in Logan Square & Fairmount

Sabrina's Cafe

This branch of the popular brunch cafe serves its filling egg, salad and comfort food dishes all the way through to dinner.