Top Choice Museum in Philadelphia

Barnes Foundation

In the first half of the 20th century, collector and educator Albert C Barnes amassed a remarkable trove of artwork by Cézanne, Degas, Matisse, Renoir, Van Gogh and other European stars. Alongside, he set beautiful …
Top Choice Museum in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Museum of Art

To many, this building is simply the steps Sylvester Stallone ran up in the 1976 flick Rocky. But well beyond that, this is one of the nation's finest treasure troves, featuring excellent collections of Asian art, R…
Top Choice Park in Philadelphia

Independence National Historic Park

This L-shaped park, along with Old City, has been dubbed 'America's most historic square mile.' Once the backbone of the United States government, it has become the backbone of Philadelphia's tourist trade. Stroll a…
Top Choice Historic Building in Philadelphia

Independence Hall

The 'birthplace of American government,' a modest Quaker building, is where delegates from the 13 colonies met to approve the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Entrance is at the corner of Chestnut and 5t…
Top Choice Museum in Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin Museum

In the courtyard south of Market St, underground, is a museum dedicated to Benjamin Franklin's storied life as a printer (he started the nation's first newspaper), inventor (bifocals! lightning rods!) and statesman …
Top Choice Notable Building in Philadelphia

City Hall

Completed in 1901, City Hall takes up a whole block, and, at 548ft, not counting the 27-ton bronze statue of William Penn, it's the world's tallest structure without a steel frame. The view from the observation deck…
Museum in Philadelphia

Rodin Museum

The newly renovated museum has Rodin's great works The Thinker and Burghers of Calais.
Historic Site in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell Center

A glass-walled building protects this icon of Philadelphia history from the elements. You can peek from outside, or join the line to file past, reading about the 2080lb object's history along the way. The queue star…
Park in Philadelphia

Fairmount Park

The snaking Schuylkill River bisects this 9200-acre green space, the largest city park in the US. On the east bank, admire the Victorian-era rowing clubs at Boathouse Row; there's a fine view from in front of the ar…
Museum in Philadelphia

Second Bank of the US

Modeled after the Greek Parthenon, this 1824 marble-faced Greek Revival masterpiece was home to the world's most powerful financial institution until President Andrew Jackson dissolved its charter in 1836. The build…