Top Choice Cafe in Petersburg

Salty Pantry

Looking like it was flown in ready-made from Seattle’s trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood, this wonderful new cafe/deli opened in April 2017 to much local incredulity. Set on the harborside, it serves wonderful salad …
Seafood in Petersburg

Inga’s Galley

From this (surprisingly charming) parking-lot shack comes Petersburg's most creative food. Inga’s Mitkof sandwich is seasoned and seared halibut topped with pesto, prosciutto and melted provolone. The fish and chips…
Seafood in Petersburg

Coastal Cold Storage

You’re in Petersburg – indulge in what they catch. Stop at this processor/seafood store/restaurant for a shrimp burger, salmon-halibut chowder or the local specialty, halibut beer bits. Or purchase whatever is swimm…
Pizza in Petersburg

Pappa Bear’s Pizza

Arrive early at Papa Bear's: the place does a roaring takeaway trade, meaning you may end up waiting an hour or more for your pie. The place specializes in American-style pizza, whole or by the slice, along with sub…
Mexican in Petersburg

El Rincón de Carmen

Little more than a food truck with an awning glued on the side, Mexican-run Carmen’s Corner satisfies Petersburg’s small contingent of Latino cannery workers and many more besides. In a town of lean food choices, it…
American in Petersburg


This rickety cafe in Sing Lee Alley inhabits one of Petersburg’s oldest structures and looks a little like a Wild West saloon until you dip inside and discover that it’s anything but. Well-worn benches provide pews …
Supermarket in Petersburg

Hammer & Wikan

Off Haugen Dr on the way to the airport, this is Petersburg’s main supermarket.