Top Choice Seafood in Petersburg

Inga’s Galley

From this (surprisingly charming) parking-lot shack comes Petersburg's most creative food. Inga’s Mitkof sandwich is seasoned and seared halibut topped with pesto, prosciutto and melted provolone. The fish-and-chips…
Seafood in Petersburg

Coastal Cold Storage

You’re in Petersburg – indulge in what they catch. Stop at this processor/seafood store/restaurant for a shrimp burger, salmon-halibut chowder or the local specialty, halibut beer bits. Or purchase whatever is swimm…
Pizza in Petersburg

Pappa Bear’s Pizza

This place hops at lunchtime, serving pizza whole or by the slice, along with subs and burger baskets. If you’re ready to ditch your vegetarian ways, order the Carnivore pizza that comes topped with pepperoni, Itali…
Supermarket in Petersburg

Hammer & Wikan

Off Haugen Dr on the way to the airport, this is Petersburg’s main supermarket.