Top Choice Modern American in Pensacola


Armed with New Orleans experience, chef Alex McPhail works his ever-changing menu magic at downtown's Iron, the best of Pensacola's new line of vibrant, locally sourced, high-end culinary hotbeds. Extremely friendly…
Top Choice Modern American in Pensacola

Tin Cow

Burger fans can't leave town without sampling the oozy, mountainous delight that is the Tin Cow burger: choose from signature suggestions or enjoy the freedom of building your own. With a tasty and original starter …
Burgers in Pensacola

Blue Dot

The line swells with locals in the know before 11am for these burgers – a simple, greasy and perfectly seasoned affair – and nobody is here to dance. Know what you want before you get to the counter (No cheese! No f…
Mexican in Pensacola

Taqueria El Asador

There's a certain kind of insufferable American food snob who will tell you at every opportunity: 'You can't get good Mexican outside of [insert border state here].' We like to take these people to El Asador, which …
Cafe in Pensacola

Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Come get your weekly dose of soulful blues (Thursday to Sunday) and good ole Southern cuisine (crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, seafood gumbo) at this smart, classic diner in the heart of Pensacola. Even more fun –…
International in Pensacola

Dharma Blue

The eclectic menu of this compact local favorite ranges from semolina-dusted calamari and grilled duck to mouthwatering sushi, the latter being the most popular. A casual, welcoming vibe extends from the charming, c…
Vegan in Pensacola

End of the Line Cafe

A funky, fair-trade cafe with velour and vinyl lounges, this is the place for such casual vegan fare as tempeh reubens and tofu BLTs, as well as cooking classes and cultural events, including big open-mic night on t…
International in Pensacola

Pensacola Cooks Kitchen

This cooking and catering outfit also offers one of the best lunch services in town. Enjoy fresh, creative takes on old-school classics such as spaghetti and meatballs, pork schnitzel and chicken salad sandwiches. B…
Food Truck in Pensacola

Al Fresco

For cheap eats, check out Al Fresco, a collection of five Airstream trailer food trucks on the corner of Palafax and Main Streets. In general, the food trucks are there from 11am until 8pm or 9pm, but they'll close …
Seafood in Pensacola

Joe Patti

At this beloved seafood emporium, get dock-fresh fish and seafood, prepared picnic food and sushi.