Top Choice Cafe in Litiz

Tomato Pie Cafe

The creative fresh food and the complex coffee drinks wouldn't be out of place in a city, but the atmosphere is pure 'friendly small town'. Tomato pie is their signature dish: a rich, soft, cheesy mix that's unique …
Top Choice Cafe in Pennsylvania Wilds

Night & Day Coffee Cafe

Well worth detouring for, the Night & Day Coffee Cafe proudly claims to be enriching the neighborhood one latte at a time, and it's doing a good job of it. Boutique coffees, great chai and a wide selection of sp…
Top Choice Cafe in Laurel Highlands


A clean, farm-to-table cafe so chic and modern it's almost out of place. Offers good coffee, a selection of pies and pastries, and excellent salads and sandwiches.
Cafe in Old City & Society Hill


This awesome place aims to connect people of all ages to eat, drink, share and learn something new. It doesn't like to be labeled as one thing or another, but we can assure you it's a great spot for anything from an…
Cafe in Rittenhouse Square & Center City West

Metropolitan Cafe & Bakery

Great breads, tender pastries and good coffee make for a perfect breakfast or lunch at this flagship location of Metropolitan. They're famous also for their granola. The cafe here is closed on Monday.
Cafe in Pittsburgh

La Prima

Great Italian coffee and pastries have people lined up out the door at peak times. The 'Almond Mele' is the scrumptious signature sweet, but it has a range of other yummy treats (sfogliatelle, tarts, cookies etc). I…
Cafe in Pittsburgh

Porch at Schenley

Cheap and casual doesn't often unite with fresh and farm-to-table, but at the Porch it does. Get great local ingredients served up with flair in a casual yet chic environment; the clientele is a mix of students, pro…
Deli in South Philadelphia

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

In business since 1923, this corner Jewish deli is famous for its monster-sized sandwiches, big enough for two to share. The menu is a roll-call of Jewish soul food, from chopped liver to hot corned beef and even ma…
Cafe in Brandywine Valley

Millstone Cafe

The on-site restaurant at the Brandywine River Museum of Art is a great find, and not just as museum restaurants go. The menu trucks in sun-kissed, farm-fresh light breakfast and lunch fare, ranging from crispy Brus…
Cafe in Milford

Waterwheel Cafe

A scrumptious stop next to the river for a bite, with decent coffee and pastries that run a little sweet. It stays open for dinner Thursday to Saturday too, with live music, cocktails, and a fascinating menu that se…