Pennsylvania Wilds restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Pennsylvania Wilds

Night & Day Coffee Cafe

Well worth detouring for, the Night & Day Coffee Cafe proudly claims to be enriching the neighborhood one latte at a time, and it's doing a good job of it. Boutique coffees, great chai and a wide selection of sp…
Diner in Pennsylvania Wilds

Fezz's Diner

This diner doesn't seem to have changed much since it was shipped here lock, stock and barrel from Bethlehem, PA, in the mid-1950s. It would be retro except that implies it's trying to be something it's not – there'…
American in Pennsylvania Wilds

Yorkholo Brewing

A welcome alternative to standard diner food in this area, this brick-walled brewpub has fresh salads, bacon-wrapped scallops, creative pizzas and some excellent Belgian-style beers.