Top Choice Pub Food in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Lancaster Brewing Co

This brewery, established in 1995, is a local favorite. The restaurant serves hearty but sophisticated food – lamb chops with tzatziki, say, and housemade sausage. But you can't beat specials like $5 all-you-can-eat…
Top Choice Sandwiches in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Tomato Pie Cafe

The creative, fresh food and the complex coffee drinks wouldn't be out of place in a city, but the atmosphere is pure friendly small town.
Top Choice American in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Katie's Kitchen

This typical PA Dutch diner serves locals and tourists alike with dishes such as creamed chipped beef and 'egg-in-the-nest.' Food is freshly cooked, and fortunately available in half-portions.
Market in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market

A one-stop shop of Dutch Country highlights, both genuine and tourist-friendly. Load up on tasty homemade jams, pastries, pretzels, beef jerky and more. Two lunch counters serve meals.
American in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Good 'N Plenty Restaurant

Sure, you'll be dining with busloads of tourists and your cardiologist might not approve, but hunkering down at one of the picnic tables for a family-style meal ($21) is a lot of fun. Besides the main dining room, w…
Buffet in Pennsylvania Dutch Country


To smorgasbord ($23) or not to smorgasbord there's no question. Otherwise, the alternative menu of diner-style dishes is fairly ordinary. The anchor of a touristy complex of shops, this pavilion-size restaurant draw…
Market in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Central Market

The produce and food stalls at this indoor market represent a great cross-section of Lancaster. You can pick up fresh PA Dutch sausages or horseradish, as well as Thai noodles and Lebanese salads.
Buffet in Pennsylvania Dutch Country


Pace yourself at this all-you-can-eat PA Dutch extravaganza: one of the three buffet lines is dedicated to sweets. The food tends toward bland, but everyone will find something to like; daily specials like chicken p…
American in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Red Caboose Restaurant

A total novelty – french toast in a train car, complete with optional motion simulator – but reasonably priced and fairly tasty. The pastoral setting is a plus.
European in Pennsylvania Dutch Country


A husband-and-wife team run this homey but meticulous place downtown, giving local farm products a rustic Italian-French treatment: pork braised in milk, fried squash blossoms, handmade gnocchi, depending on the sea…