Palaʻau State Park attractions

Top Choice Viewpoint in Palaʻau State Park

Kalaupapa Overlook

The Kalaupapa Overlook provides a scenic overview of the Kalaupapa Peninsula from the edge of a 1600ft cliff. It's easy to get the lay of the land from up here and you'll get a good feel for just how far you'll trav…
Cultural Site in Palaʻau State Park


Kauleonanahoa (the penis of Nanahoa) is Hawaii's premier phallic stone, standing proud in a little clearing inside an ironwood grove, about a five-minute walk from the parking area. The legend goes that Nanahoa hit …
Park in Palaʻau State Park

Pala‘au State Park

Soak in the views over the Kalaupapa Peninsula, listen to winds rustle through groves of ironwood and eucalyptus trees and witness sacred rocks that represent human genitals. This misty state park is at the end of H…