Pagosa Springs attractions

Nature Reserve in Pagosa Springs

Weminuche Wilderness Area

Named for a band of the Ute tribe, the Weminuche Wilderness Area is the most extensive wilderness in Colorado, with an area of more than 700 sq miles. The Weminuche extends west along the Continental Divide from Wol…
Archaeological Site in Pagosa Springs

Chimney Rock Archaeological Area

Designated an Archaeological Area and National Historic Site in 1970, these 4000 acres within the San Juan National Forest hold remains of 100 permanent structures at the base of two large red-rock buttes. Like the …
Museum in Pagosa Springs

Fred Harman Art Museum & the Red Ryder Roundup

The Red Ryder’s image might be lost on today’s whippersnappers, but Fred Harman’s comic book hero was born in Pagosa Springs, and today Harman’s home is a small museum. It’s a kitschy and off-beat roadside attractio…