Top Choice Modern American in Oklahoma City

Picasso's Cafe

Picasso's is renowned for its Bloody Marys at noon and masterfully plated farm-fresh meals. The place has an artistic sensibility, with works by local artists on display. Grab a table outside.
Modern American in Oklahoma City

Cheever's Cafe

This former art-deco flower shop is now an upscale cafe with excellent Southern- and Mexican-influenced fare. The menu changes seasonally and is locally sourced. The ice-cream-ball dessert fills many a dream.
Burgers in Oklahoma City

Tucker's Onion Burgers

A new kind of burger joint with an old-time Route 66 vibe, Tucker's has high-quality food (locally sourced) that includes iconic Oklahoma onion burgers, fresh-cut fries and shakes. It even has a green ethos and a fi…